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Kennay Farms Distilling

our story

Rick and Doris Kennay spent a lifetime building their family farm and instilling a love for agriculture in their children: Kaleb, Aubrey, and Grace. When Kaleb, Aubrey, and their nephew, Adam, returned to the farm, they looked for ways to diversify.

Kennay Farms brings you family crafted spirits created from local grain that is produced, milled, and distilled, all by a member of the Kennay Family. As sixth generation farmers, we know a superior product takes care, heart, and hard work.

creation of the "kennay lady"

We pursued a logo that would honor women in the spirits and agricultural industries. Strong, independent women have inspired us from our family farm to the face of our business.

Dusty Horner, a Rochelle native and lifelong family friend, used this inspiration to create the “Kennay Lady.” Dusty was an artist and sculptor for DreamWorks Animation and was the lead sculptor for Disney's Classic collectibles line. With his sketches completed, Dusty enlisted Chad Aulwes, a talented digital artist to bring to life this beautiful woman working towards something she believes in.

Kennay Farms



Lycergus and Mary Ann McKennay started in Singers Glen, Virginia. They later followed their son, Dewey, to Franklin Grove, IL. “Kurg” changed their name from McKennay to Kennay.

Fred and Amelia Schrader immigrated from Germany. They traveled from New York to Illinois by covered wagon and settled near Franklin Grove, to farm and work the railroad.


Dewey Kennay married Elsie Schrader. They had four children: Mary, Viv, Donald, and Jim. They lived in “the swamp” south of Franklin Grove, where Dewey worked the high line and railroad.

Dewey purchased his first tractor, a 10-20 McCormick-Deering. He later traded this for a1926 Farmall.


Dewey moved his family to Prairieville, where their son, Don, met Rita Vock. They milked cows for seven years before Dewey moved his family south of the King Farm on Daysville Road. Dewey later acquired the King Farm, where his grandson, Ron Kennay, lives today.


Don and Rita married. They had five children: Ron, John, Donnie, Richard, and Joan. They grew up helping their Dad on the farm. In 1966, Don built the house on Route 38 where he still lives at age 97. All the children are currently involved in agriculture in the Ashton area.


Don purchased his first combine, paying
$12,500. It was the biggest one in production with a four row corn head and 16 foot soybean head. He was in high demand for custom combining in the area.


Don and Rita’s son, Richard, married Doris Krug. Rick and Doris Kennay purchased their first farm outside of Ashton in 1986.

They had three children: Kaleb, Aubrey, and Grace. In 1995, they purchased “The Home Farm” on Prairie Road in Ashton. The “Kennay kids” grew up working on the farm and raising animals.


Kaleb, Aubrey, and a nephew, Adam, returned to the farm after college. To add value and sustainability to their business, Kennay Farms Distilling was created.


Kennay Farms Distilling's Grand Opening in downtown Rochelle, IL attracted people from all over the state.  Kennay Farms produces vodka, gin, whiskey and bourbon from grain grown, milled, and distilled all by a member of the family.


2019- Kennay Farms gin won a Silver Medal at the Denver International Spirits Competition with over 450 entries from 11 countries.  Official judging notes called it "authentic and distinctive, with a pleasing first impression."

2019- Our vodka was just one point shy of a Gold Medal at the Denver competition.  The judges wrote "very approachable vodka, a crowd pleaser for sure. Wonderful on the nose and palate."

2020- The Hub Theatre historical renovation by GWA Studio earned the esteemed American Institute of Architects Prairie Award.  

2021- Selected as an "Illinois Maker" in the Illinois Made program.  Click HERE for more information.

2021- Won "Best of Ogle County Distillery & Brewery"

2021- Awarded "Best Family Owned Business" by Rochelle Chamber of Commerce

2021- Governor Pritzker toured in July and again in November; acknowledging our family's commitment to switching to hand sanitizer during the height of COVID.  Click HERE for more information on the visit.

2021- Kennay Farms was officially certified as a sustainable farm

2022- Honored at the Annual Illinois Tourism Dinner as an Illinois Made Participant

our transformation

The historic Hub Theatre opened as an art deco style theatre in 1931 as part of the Algers Theatre Chain; seating nearly 950. In the 1980s, it split into three screens and operated as a first run movie house until 2011. In 2016, Rick was immediately drawn to the natural brick, height of the ceiling, and historical presence of the building. After 2.5 years of renovation with a team of historical experts, the theatre was given new life as Kennay Farms Distilling.
a Family Tradition
416 Lincoln Hwy, Rochelle IL
Ph: (815)901-1512

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