Brewery In Illinois


Creamy ale with a vanilla finish.
ABV | 5.3%
Hops | Cascade
Fun Fact | Supporting local hop farmers from Live Wire hopyard in Amboy, IL makes this a true Illinois Brewery.

Farmer’s Basket

This gose is infused with strawberry and hibiscus for a sour fruit flavor. 
ABV | 4.5%
Hops | Galaxy
Fun Fact | This one came by its' name by mistake.  Grace misheard Aubrey say "Farmer's Breakfast" on the phone so the tapper was made.

Mother Hen

This hefeweizen was brewed with hibiscus flowers for brilliant floral flavors and color. 
ABV | 6.1%
Hops | Cascade
Fun Fact | This beer is named for Mom and Glenda- the "Mother Hens" of the farm.

Lemonade Stand

This shandy is topped with lemonade for a refreshing drink! 
ABV | 4.5%
Hops | Galaxy
Fun Fact | A shandy is classified as an alcoholic drink mixed with a non-alcoholic drink.


A hop driven IPA abounding with passionfruit and melon flavors. 
ABV | 5.4%
Hops | Galaxy, Citric, Mosaic
Fun Fact | Our only beer brewed with a medley of three hops giving it an extra robust, complex flavor.

The Farmer’s Daughter

An American Blonde Ale with a hint of citrus and carbonation level for the perfect refreshment. 
ABV | 5.2%
Hops | Tettnang
Fun Fact | This was our very first beer on tap named for Aubrey; the blonde farmer's daughter.

Cherries Jubilee

This pastry stout is bursting with cherry chocolatey flavors. 
ABV |  9.0%
Hops | Magnum
Fun Fact | Named after Aubrey's sister-in-law Jubilee, always fun and "cherry!"


This hefeweizen has complementing vanilla and and clove tones with a hint of banana.
ABV | 5.6%
Hops | Hallertau
Fun Fact | During our first "soft" opening in December 2018 we had two beers on tap; The Farmer's Daughter and The Patriarch.


This light hefeweizen has floral and thyme tones.
ABV | 4.5%
Hops | East Kent Goldings
Fun Fact | Considered the lighter "sister" beer to The Patriarch.


This ale is known for its earthy tones and mild spices.
ABV | 5.6%
Hops | Saaz
Fun Fact | Adam named this one The Auger because he thought it was supposed to be a lager; but it is actually an ale.

Stop in and see why we're one of the Best Breweries in Illinois!  Our brewer keeps the most popular beers on tap year round mixed in with seasonal flavors to keep the menu refreshing.  If you're searching for a brewery in Illinois with great beer in a relaxed setting be sure to come see us.  *Beer selection rotates.  Ask your bartender for current beers on tap.
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