our brews

the Patriarch

A medium bodied hefeweizen with hints of banana and clove. 

Farmer’s Basket

This gose is infused with strawberry and hibiscus for a sour fruit flavor. 

Mother Hen

This hefeweisen was brewed with hibiscus flowers for brilliant floral flavors and color. 
( 6.1%)

Lemonade Stand

Light beer topped with lemonade for a refreshing drink! 

Cakes on the Griddle

Breathe in the aroma of fresh, buttery waffles before taking a sip of this lightly spiced ale. 

The Farmer’s Daughter

An American Blonde Ale with a hint of citrus and carbonation level for the perfect refreshment. 

Cherries Jubilee

This pastry stout is bursting with cherry chocolatey flavors. 


Creamy ale with a vanilla finish. 

Home Farm

This light ale is the closest interpretation of a domestic beer. 

The 9350

This Irish Red has caramel and toffee flavors blended for a rich, malty finish.
Beer selection rotates including seasonal brews! Ask your bartender for current brews on tap.  All are available as a taster, draft, flight, or to-go growler.
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