Treat your guests to beautifully renovated spaces perfect for business meetings and corporate events as well as celebrations with family and friends. Contact our Event Coordinator, Jen, to plan the details!

Private Dining | Conference Room

This custom-built room features private seating, a television screen for presentations, and a private outdoor balcony with a beautiful view of downtown Rochelle.
Seats 25, Standing 30

Mezzanine Tasting Area

Our mezzanine level features a 22-foot tasting bar overlooking the production floor with ample conversational, pub, and lounge seating.
Seats 65, Standing 120

Production Floor

The production floor is a unique space right on the floor where all the action is. Your guests will be treated to an up-close view of the distilling equipment with plenty of space for socializing. 
Seats 100, Standing 150


Our largest space features a newly constructed brick building lined with barrels of aging whiskey.
Seats 250, Standing 300. 
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